Calories on the menus

Due to California law, chain restaurants are now required to post calorie information. Although the law was passed in 2008, it only takes in effect right now. The only thing I thought that was inconsistent was that not all of the items on the menus are listed for caloric value such as Del Taco’s quesadilla, but I ended up visiting the Del Taco website to find out that the quesadilla is actually laden with calories due to its cheese content with 570 calories.

I understand that the media and politicians from California and nationwide are concerned about children becoming severely obese, but no matter how many calories are in a combo meal people will still eat whatever their hearts desire no matter how much fat, sodium or cholesterol may be.

Experts in a Scientific American article exclaimed that maybe taxes based on how many calories the foods may be might be the best way to stem people from eating too many calories, but it would be very unpopular. However if we are using taxpayer funds to pay for the medical care of those with heart problems and weight problems then the control of the state does sound evident.


Maybe we need better nutrition education so we can raise a generation that eats better even though children are brainwashed by Ronald McDonald to run and beg their parents for a Happy Meal.

I would like to see a wizard type application where you can build a meal plan that suits an Individual’s needs. Not everyone eats on a 2000 calorie diet. A good number of  fast food meals basically consume most of a 2000 calorie allowance so physical activity might be the only elixir to conquer the calories on the menus.

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