The Animals

I know working for animal control is a thankless job. Animals are held in special regard just like children. We all do want the best for them. I actually gave $5 to the Pomona animal control facility that covers my city because I know with budget cutbacks they all have to make do with less.

I know its heartbreaking when a particular animal gets put down no matter if it’s a mixed or a mostly purebred animal. There are not enough spaces to keep the animals indefinitely. Maybe the accounts from the people who regularly visit the Devore facility were filled with a bit of hyperbole, but maybe instead of knocking down the people who run it there should be some teamwork where a third party facilitator could help get things done for the facility such as maybe adding some heat fans for the cold days and maybe some blankets for the dogs, cats and other creatures with a helping of detergent supplied regularly so the blankets could be washed.

If I have more money to blow I will consider giving a check to that facility as well because pet overpopulation does make me sad, and the consequence of having all these animals great and small crossing the rainbow bridge too early should not have to happen regularly.

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