Airing My Grievances About Fatcow

“We are regularly $107.40 a year ”

Fatcow does provide fair service, but they need to stop advertising deceptive pricing. They advertise their sale price for new subscribers, then they charge a much higher rate than the regular price they are advertising when you are going on your second year of service.



I would like to receive the $99 regular price not the $107.40 regular price out of principle. If they can not charge me the $99 regular price, they should put on their website we are regularly $107.40, if they can not change their advertising by 1 month before my subscription ends I will take my business elsewhere.

You can actually look in the next image that they are actually not regularly $99 but they are $107.40.

I previously wanted to cancel last year, but I got their “keep the customer price” for the current subscription due to their deceptive pricing policies.


Then also be aware that you are also billed extra for site backup. Which makes Fatcow unaffordable for low end blogs.

Even though site backup does cost as much as eating out at Dominos Pizza for a night, when your site borks it is nice to have.

I know the company who owns Fatcow does deserve to make a profit, but at least do it ethically.

You can even visit this site here, where other people are also complaining about the same issue.

I did contact the Attorney Generals office of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to see if something could be done.  I will let you all know what will happen if Martha’s office replies back.

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