Proposition 14, Making It Easier on Wealthy Candidates Only

Recently George Runner resigned from his 17th District State Senate Seat to take his newly elected seat on the Board of Equalization. Unfortunately Proposition 14 may make it easier for Sharron Runner, the wife of George to take his old job as State Senator, where Sharron will basically be crowned as the de facto winner if no one runs against Sharron.

Previously minor parties only needed 150 signatures to get on the ballot for State Senate, now it is the standard 3000 for all no matter if you are Republican, Democratic or Peace and Freedom.

Also due to Arnold doing this election at so short of notice, people only had 2 days to get signatures. 3000 signatures in only two days, that is crazy! I guess you would need a rolodex of a Hollywood publicist to get 3000 willing people to canvas the neighborhood.

Since we are all running together, from major parties to third parties we should adopt reforms to Proposition 14 that would make it easier for candidates of all income levels.

I was thinking 1% of the votes casted in the previous election as the number of signatures you need to run for office or the old amount 3000 for State Senate or 1500 for State Assembly, whatever is smaller.

I also should think that requiring at least five business days for petition in lieu of signatures would be another fair reform as well.

Proposition 14 is flawed for many. Democrats in Senate District 17, Republicans in Senate District 28, minor parties, and people who want to write in their choice instead of the top two.  Maybe this will give motivation for both major parties to do something to patch up Proposition 14 so it would work better for the people.

H/T: Ballot Access News

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