It Is Never The Same

It stinks when your favorite program you use for your computer ends up becoming mediocre or overpriced in the next revision. Nero Burning Rom was perfect with version 6, but ended up becoming a bloated piece of junk in each future version including their version 10 four years later.

Feeddemon was shareware, then became freeware, then became advertisement ware, then now it is now cripple ware. I know authors need to make money, but they should also be sensitive to the economic climate because once you turn your program into crap they will likely seek other alternatives.

Expecting people to pay 20.00 for the first license, then 9.99 for each year may be good for some, but I think there should be more flexibility such as the following.

Crippled version with advertisements free

Crippled version without advertisements 9.99

Full version with advertisements 14.99

Full version without Advertisements 19.99

So users of Nick Bradburry’s program would have choice, the author would still get money to make a living and the author would maintain his market share and I would not need to move to a program such as RSSOWL.

Maybe software developers need to have a focus group of maybe their long term customers and give them occasional questionnaires.

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