Adventures In Retail

Since nothing noteworthy is happening in my life right now, I am going to post an entry in my “Adventures In Retail”. Yes, I am working another Christmas season and I get my fair share of customers for good and bad.

I would like to discuss some of the interesting situations I have had this week.

Coupons and newbie anger.

At the place I work at we have the save on something not on sale coupon that is not a technology product, a book or magazine.  Problem was man decided to buy a gingerbread house and wanted to use his coupon. Unfortunately the store I work at is a place where many people stay away from us until the Christmas season.  So there are a good number of people who look at coupon first, and never bother to read the advert. Yes, gingerbread houses were on sale that week at 10 percent off. They were not 40 percent, but ten percent.

Then the man also asked me to override the item so he could get the coupon price. However it is against corporate policy for me to override items to full price so you can you your coupon, and my company’s loss prevention department can use their auditing software to find out when people do this without management permission. So unless you want to hire me at your company for a wage that is the same or better than the one I have now. I am not going to do that.

Pro Tip: Read your advertisement. If you are not lucky to get one in your local newspaper, my employer has the advert displayed at the front of the store and online for your convenience.

Checks and Gift Cards

Checks have gone in the way of the record store where people regularly bought recorded music. Unfortunately some people want to pay for their gift cards with checks, namely older people.

But if a check bounces you still get your gift card so that is one reason why most retail chains across the country do not accept checks as a payment for gift cards. I know the majority in the world are fine upstanding people, but the bad eggs in the world ruin it for the rest.


Pro Tip: If you want to be sane fiscally and not use a credit card, there is cash and debit cards as your alternate payment methods.


I do understand that returns are not fun, and I do try to process them as fast as I can. However returns where cash are disbursed need a long form to fill out. I know people want their privacy, but the company generally wants the form complete when cash is released from your name, address and your signature. I do not care if you are Jane or John Shmoe, but if you are returning a whole mess of merchandise, then yes I will ask for your identification before money is released.

But if you are just returning a 2.99 skein of yarn or a 1.39 bottle of paint, most likely I will not be a nit picker on you.

To conclude, it has been an average holiday season for me and the store I work for. And the usual disclaimer applies, I am speaking for myself not the place I work for.

And I do thank my customers who shopped in the store this year and I hope this year and the year after goes well for all of us.