Letter to Supervisor Ovitt

December 4, 2010

Supervisor Ovitt,

I would implore you to lead on reforming the county animal shelter in Devore so we would not have to deal with more heartbreak seeing the dogs in the outdoor kennels having to deal with frostbite or dehydration again.

I know your term as BOS chairman is about to end soon for awhile, and I think getting this issue situated would be a good way to bring forth some good feeling around the county.

I know you would not treat your animals this way at your home in Ontario. Volunteers have offered to provide blankets and coats for these animals, but your managers in Devore refused these efforts.

Devore may be a cold place in the winter, but there should be some solutions to reduce the heartbreak and bring more confidence in the county animal services department such as ordering an outdoor heating system for the kennel.


Matthew Munson

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