A Letter to the NRCC about Art Censorship

Dear Congressman Sessions,

I am a registered Republican and I previously ran for State Assembly in 2002 in the state of California. However I am not that enthused that instead of undoing the Obama/Pelosi/Reid agenda, a segment of your members are going on a moralist campaign in censoring artwork at our national institution the Smithsonian.

Art is not just for traditionalists or for the counterculture. Art is for all of us, the Smithsonian serves all the people of our nation. To censor art, we remove ourselves from reality. Maybe if we learned why artists made their particular art we could understand the life and the issues of the artist.

I understand people are livid about how religion and religious figures are portrayed in the art by these queer artists. But maybe if religious people did not persecute homosexuals maybe we would not have these “controversial” pieces created.

If people did not like these art works, then they are welcome to make their own art that has their own purpose and meaning and maybe it will be in a future Smithsonian display.

This unnecessary distraction is not going to help get people outside of the Midwest and South of our nation to support our party.

I would like to see the health care reform bill either revised or abolished, I would like to see the federal government live within its means.

Maybe when the Republican Party ends up ceasing their crusade censoring art from queer artists you might see some money from me for the 2012 campaign so you can comfortably pass legislation.


Matthew Munson

Ontario, California

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