Inclusion Please

It is great that Channel 11 and KFI AM in Los Angeles want to help the needy in our area with the Salvation Army, but even though the Salvation Army is a well ran organization that effectively helps out the community they do not help all people with open arms.

Last year I tried sending an email to Clear Channel’s liberal/progressive leaning station to maybe consider their own drive to help out all needy no matter if they are religious or not, straight or queer. Unfortunately I got no email back. Maybe KTLK and KISS and Star 98 could have their own drive like 2 weeks before the KFI/KTTV drive so we could be inclusive in our philanthropy.

I understand people are hurting with an economy that crashed for the last three plus years. No matter what values you have, we should all give what we can for those who do not have. If the Salvation Army is your choice, that is your personal choice and that is great, but we should also showcase the inclusive organizations as well.

I am thinking of seeing about teaming up with other bloggers/facebook/twitter folk to see if we could donate some money to an organization that has open doors and does not exclude.

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