Telling Stories at the Fireplace

LOL, I remember when Mayor of Chino Dennis Yates called me on my mobile phone to talk about his race with his opponent for State Assembly Gloria Negrette Mcleod and telling me I should attack her because she supports LGBT equality.

This was a sad tale to hear because I thought Dennis Yates was the moderate candidate compared to Bob Demalle when they had a legal battle because of the open primaries that we used to have in California. If both candidates were shameful on LGBT issues I probably would of spoiled my ballot.

Then after reading stories in the local newspaper about my campaign and how I would not attack Gloria on her support for equality, I guess Dennis never bothered to call or email me back.

Remember local Republicans, bashing gays does not create jobs. Except if you work for groups such as Anaheim California’s Traditional Values Collation.

My main issue was trying to get the budget deficit down so we could stop having chronic budget deficits as we do now almost 8 years after I ran for State Assembly in 2002.

2012 is going to be an interesting year, but even for candidates who were running in 2010 the economy was the main issue. However if De Vries or Folkens did get elected they would of most likely made mischief and tried to undo equality laws despite economics being the main issue.

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