EMusic, the good times will likely have to end.

It seems whenever Emusic, the internet music download store changes their policies their consumers or members get the raw end of the deal.

With their new change in policy today (November 18, 2010), you end up getting less and end up paying much more.

This month’s batch of music I got was

Royksopp, Senior

Chromeo, Business Casual

and Fish, 13th Star

That eats up 29 credits out of the 30 I received before they did the changeover of their download system.

From the pro-rated credits I got for the 1 track I did not download, I got 0.50. But when the new refresh starts in December I would only get $13.99 which is quite less than pro-rated credit I received for that 1 credit.


What happens if I bought those tracks today with the new price change?

Chromeo would sell for $6.60, Royksopp would be for $4.41 and Fish would be for $4.90 for a total of $15.91

Yes, the members of emusic.com will be getting more selection, but at the higher cost. I feel like raiding amazon.com and wanting to buy used cds from the Marketplace vendors or participate in 7digital or Amazon’s budget sale promotions.

I do appreciate Emusic for helping me to get exposed to the music of the Presets, Cut Copy and Sparks.

However killing off your initial clientele that joined up will not make things easier especially your customers who been with you for two, three or even six years.

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