The Solution for Wal-Mart in Ontario

Ontario, California has a problem with a parcel of land that has been vacant for almost 8 years plus where Target, Kroger and Toys R’Us used to be located.

Wal-Mart wanted to locate in the city of Ontario, but there are a group of residents who feel that with the project they want to build it is quite inappropriate due to the traffic and crime that will likely happen if the Super Wal-Mart is built.

Some people are scared that Wal-Mart is near competing supermarkets like Albertsons, which is infamous for high prices. However with the free market Albertsons would have to be more competitive with pricing or shut down if they can not take the heat.  Also there are union supermarkets like Stater Brothers who are like a mile away from that location that even offer good pricing too, so maybe Supervalu needs to explore how they can be profitable and kept.

Due to Proposition 13, we are sadly reliant on sales tax revenue and if we want to fund the services in our city we have to attract the businesses. However I can not forgive the City of Ontario for vetoing Frys Electronics for a furniture store that people barely visit.


Here is my suggestion so we can get the project settled once and for all.

Listen to the residents, figure out what accommodations which could be made so we can get the project built.  Having a pure super center like Chino is out of the question and having the project terminated is also out of consideration as well.

They still have supercenters that are not 24 hours. Have store hours that would be sensible for the community the parcel is based in. 5am to midnight sounds quite fair with 24 hour availability during the winter peak season. Then after three years, the city council could keep things as ways are, or approve 24 hours operation.

Demolish the deserted buildings would also be a good gesture to the community. An empty parcel that is cleaned up would be a good start and would help bring a good impression for visitors who are driving thru.

Also to demolish the crime argument how about we get the crime statistics of Wal-Marts near our location so we can see if this store could be a good neighbor such as Corona and Chino.

Then, the city of Ontario needs to use that semi abandoned community police station that is headquartered at the parking garage near the movie theater across the street as well.

We should end this long and costly legal battle and work to get things to happen.

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