A New Name

It seems maybe the Republican Party needs to change its name in California. KABC commentator and host Doug Macintyre stated that we need to do this to make the Republican Party relevant in this state.

The Republican Party of Minnesota did this after Watergate, maybe we need to do this perhaps in time for 2014. California did the opposite of the rest of the nation and decided to reject Republicans because they simply have a pungent brand name today.

Demographic changes have made the Republican Party irrelevant in the portion of the state that has the population. Namely the costal and inner city communities in our state.

Perhaps my suggested name is the One California Party. Our new name could stand for making California whole again because the Democratic Party has destabilized the state by removing the productive class out that pays the tax monies to fund the vital government programs people value.


We need to have an inclusive party that reaches out to all of California. No matter if they are religious or not, white, black, brown or Asian and no matter what team you bat for, we need to work together to make California work out so we do not end up becoming a failed state that needs International Monetary Fund type austerity programs to fix our broken state.

We barely have any backbenchers that make up our farm team, and billionaires cant always be counted to be our nominees in 2012 and 2014. Maybe with a new vision we can replenish our farm system and go for excellence.

The same old Republican Party will not work in California, we need that new branding, a new mission statement and a new party platform soon.

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