Not Cooley

I think next time Republicans have a candidate for Attorney General make sure he or she is not a statist. The Republican must support individual rights like the right to have a partnership with the person of your choice and the reduction of the drug war in California. It seems the drug war is just a way for local law enforcement to make money and fill up the jails.

I did not like Kamala Harris. Kamala is more of a public defender than a prosecutor. I voted Libertarian Party and yes your vote did count because the vote margin is very tight at this moment of time.

Cooley’s refusal to defend Proposition 19 if it passed was the reason why I changed my vote.

And I thought Cooley was a reasonable and rational fellow, but he seemed just as bad as John Eastman who Cooley beat in the Republican Primary. Next time I’ll vet my Republican challengers better. And if Top 2 remains in California, we can punish the Republicans for having crap nominees by electing 2 Democratic Party challengers in November.

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