I Guess That’s Why They Call California Blue

California likes Democrats. The rest of the nation went Republican, but California decided to be blue as an icicle where even Republican favorite Steve Cooley might even be defeated as well.

Here is what we learned:

For Secretary of State, we should get someone who has a long term history of voting. I do appreciate Damon Dunn running, but he should of ran for school board or State Assembly instead first. Damon would have been great in administering business documents, but we also wanted someone who was involved in the electoral process more.

For Insurance Commissioner and Lt.Governor

Do not violate pledges you sign.  If you sign a pledge to advocate for clean energy, do not end up taking money from Exxon. If you advocate for lower taxes in your campaign pledge from Americans for Tax Reform, follow thru with it.

That is why many of us voted for Pamela Brown. She won over 5% of the vote so far.

Also Abel, Prop 14 pissed many voters against you. Shame on you.

For Governor

Meg may be a good business executive, but she flunked in the school of politics. All Meg was to the political class was a sugar mama to their consultant firms. Meg had no consistent viewpoints and her campaign went off message often.

And 150 million does not buy salvation from the California voters.

Then, California voters elected a dead woman to be State Senator even though it will result in a costly special election that will mean money Los Angeles County does not have will be drained in order to run the special election this spring. If you are in the South Bay and you are crying that your libraries are being cut or parks are not being maintained as much as you voted for Zombie Senator, it is your own fault.

I still have more to discuss, when local election results get posted for City of Ontario and the school boards.

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