Blackberry Burnout

I do like my Blackberry, but there is barely enough space to do anything with my Blackberry 9700 Bold.

Including the operating system there is only half the space that is included to use for your emails and any applications you want to utilize.

Right now I have 56 meg remaining and I have to be choosey in what I would want to install. I bet if Blackberry OS 6 came out for the 9700 the phone would be barely usable.

I bet if the Blackberry to have a future with the consumer it would need to have 1GB of ram for applications and the operating system at least.

If you want applications to be developed in future Blackberry devices RIM needs to have new devices with more spacious RAM.

I wish we could rent mobile phones so we could try them out so we could make an informed choice.

My 22 months for a subsidized update will start again November 2011. Being stuck with the 9700 will be torture.

Maybe RIM will end up becoming irrelevant like NOKIA in the United States.

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