good food, crap service

Recently I went to Albertos Mexican restaurant in Upland and although I like the food they serve the service is rather horrible.
I ordered mini nachos at 5.20 and the medium drink at 1.65 and that was 6.85 and with tax at 60 cents it was 7.45, then we factor the 55 cent atm/charge fee that was 8.00 and then the clerk had the audacity to charge me 8.05.
I knew something was fishy, but I might have to take this up with weights and measures.

Or the Carne Asada Plate for 6.70 and the medium drink at 1.65, and she rang it up as 9.14 after tax and it should have been 8.35 before tax but when you add tax to it it should of rang as  9.08.

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