Mighty Embarrassed Defenders of Bigotry?

From the blog LGBT POV, Karen Ocamb writes that California State Assembly Candidate Andy Pugno in district 5 is so desperate for a win he is willing to scrub major portions of his life story in order for voters to support him.

Andy may be a “taxpayer advocate”, but like other fringe candidates this year in California, they are also advocates for discrimination. Such as he was the author of Proposition 8 and was paid over 200,000 dollars for his work.

I also sensed that when Ben Lopez who ran for Assembly District 61 was never advertised as working for Lou Sheldon in newspaper stories when he ran in 2006. Ben was mentioned as a small businessman, but never mentioned the fact he worked for the Traditional Values Collation.

I thought if you are making big money defending the traditionalist status quo you should be proud for what you stand for.

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