A Change of Plans for US Senate

This election we all will have to make difficult choices. I am still disgusted that the
National Organization for Marriage and their secretive funders dethroned Tom Campbell from
the front runner position, but there is one issue that overtakes civil rights and equality for me. National security.

Senator Boxer helped the enemies we were fighting in Fallujah, Iraq where 51 died and 560 were wounded during that time she allowed Code Pink to travel there.

National security is the reason why I voted for Bush in 2004 even though Bush and Rove used marriage bans as a way to gain popularity in the polls, I was not going to trust Senator Kerry as our next president.

National security is the reason why I am not voting for Boxer even though she does support my equality so people like me would not be considered second class in the laws of our nation.

Aiding and abetting the enemies of the United States should not reward Senator Boxer with another term.

I am reluctantly supporting Carly Fiorina even though she does not care about the people she worked under.

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