Secretary of State (California) : Christina Tobin

This year I am moving away from the Democratic and Republican Party nominees for Secretary of State by supporting Christina Tobin, the Libertarian Party nominee for Secretary of State. Christina is more qualified to become Secretary of State than the Republican Party nominee Damon Dunn who just started voting a few years ago and would do the job better than the incumbent Democratic Party nominee Debra Bowen.

Christina believes voters deserve electoral choice and has worked to defend the rights of people to have a choice in what political party they would like to support or run for office as. States have worked hard to maintain the two party monopolies where it makes it hard for parties such as the Green and Libertarian Parties to establish access to a particular state’s ballot where in Illinois third parties had to have five times the number of signatures to get on a ballot. Christina and her organization Free and Equal have worked to make sure those third parties establish or protect their ballot access from state interference.

Aside from campaigning for Secretary of State, she is helping to fight the recently passed Proposition 14 in the courts so voters will get their option to have write-in candidates and a choice during the general election of the third parties.

Independents, Greens and Libertarians have come to trust Christina throughout the years. She will work for the people, not for big business supporting Damon Dunn or George Soros supporting Debra Bowen. However she will work for you.

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