Candidates November 2010

Matt Munson’s List of Candidates Part 1 

Governor: Meg Whitman, I was originally for Jerry but Jerry recently opened his mouth and made me want to lose my lunch at him.
Senate: Carly Fiornia -r
Lt.Governor: Gavin Newsom, not supporting Abel due to his support of Prop 14 and his vote for higher taxes and the alternative HJTA is suggesting is much worse for me to support.
State Treasurer- Bill Lockyear 
Attorney General- Steve Cooley – r
Secretary of State- Christina Tobin
State Controller – Tony Strickland
Insurance Commissioner – Dave Jones (we need someone who will not authorize unrealistic fee increases for insurance premiums, if we want more people in the insurance pool to reduce the liabilities we need insurance at fair prices.)

Statewide, 4 Republicans, 3 Democrats and 1 Libertarian will be supported this year.

BOE District 2 – George Runner

AD 61 – Ray Moors
SD 32 – Gloria Negrette Mcleod
CD 43 – Scott Folkens – r

r- reluctant support (eg: both major candidates are unsavory, but lesser of the two evils)

19 – YES
20 – YES
21 – NO
22 – NO
23 – YES
24 – YES
25 – NO
26 – NO
27 – NO

Next part of this series will focus on local, county and judicial races.

Positions are subject to change.

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