Let Us Party Like It Is 1995

The BBS was my first introduction to the online world. I have been calling and using BBSs since May of 2005 when I ended up spending 4-5 hours calling Santa Monica chatting with people on a BBS called Earth Spirit, but fortunately a classmate from high school gave me a local BBS number where I was met with the BBS community.

Wab E App had like over 30 door games and message forums about Magic The Gathering, while the Screaming Electron had a UUCP link to the internet with email and newsgroups up the wazoo for people to post to.

The 909 Area code had its own little sub-cultures, bbs’s that used WWIV, which was the dominant bbs software in the western part of the area, or bbs’s that were using Renegade or Wildcat that were connected to Fidonet were also part of the mix.

I tried running my own bbs, but when I was able to have access to an income and more resources the bbs world went down due to the accession of the Internet.  This post by semi-regular commentator the Ontario Emperor made me decide to make a post my retrospective of the 909 scene.

I recent got my first computer from my great aunt at 15 and I had one week in the mountains without that computer back on July 1995, I had plans for my first bbs where I wrote my plans for a message base lineup, but I only had 60 megs to run a bbs and I decided to run a part time bbs, but that was kind of not cool because people did not know the difference not to call at the daytime when they were supposed to call at night.

It took 2 years for me to have my own dedicated phone line for my bbs, but bbsing decided to go down in flames in the 909 around 2001. And in 1998 the local bbs that kids who were my age at that time shut down because the sysop went to college and I tried to carry on the legacy, but I did not run the bbs software of choice in my area and that ended that when I decided to run Telegard because my WWIV BBS was having issues with fidonet importation. The modifications I had to add to the program source code was not behaving well with my computer and that led to my change of bbs platforms.

I think the removal of my modem from my communications life and the advent of DSL killed the modem scene, but I have tried a few times to run a telnet connected bbs.

I have ran Synchronet BBS Software since 2002. And it runs pretty well for me to partake in my niche hobby of communications like where the Internet was barely in its mainstream.

You are invited to visit it here. There are three choices for interactivity, you can visit with a web browser to read the message forums, and download files (such as the telnet client and offline message reader program), flash based terminal program where you can do most things on my bbs except for downloading and uploading files, and the telnet connection where you can visit my bbs like if you were dialing with a modem.

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