What a Bummer

My sister bought a real nice Sony television for her room with the earnings from her new job. After paying off the television she decided to treat herself to Sony BDP-S470 Blu-ray Disc Player. However she was blindsided with the low price on the Sony BDP-S470 blu ray player, not realizing that the player did not include wi-fi.

If you want wi-fi instead of having to lay down 30 to 100 feet of Ethernet cable you have to buy Sony’s proprietary device to utilize wi-fi on your blu ray player. The store my sister bought it from has no remorse for not telling the customers the facts about the products they sell.

I strongly recommend that you avoid Electrozone out of Las Vegas, Nevada for their horrible customer service.  At least their competitors warn customers that you need this external device. My sister did contact the company asking them why they did not warn their customers and they said it was not their job.

Not everyone is a maven of technology like Leo Laporte where they know what has one feature over another, and it would spread more customer goodwill if they fully informed their customers.

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