What a Lovely Dump


Due to a collapsing housing market, thousands of houses are in deep disrepair. Pools never drained filled with mosquitoes and disease, foreclosed residents treating their homes like dumps and or letting their lawns grow foot long weeds such as demonstrated by a local resident.

The irony that follows is the distressed homeowner has a house for sale, short sale sign on the front lawn. However the home is a lovely dump and does not scream the words “BUY ME” to the motorists passing along the street.

Cities and counties should take a proactive approach and say to the Realtors and banks that just because the home is distressed does not mean you can just do whatever you want with it, even subletting it to the homeless in the city park to further damage the property.

The City of Ontario does offer services to help take care of your clutter needs such as a temporary bin which includes disposal of the clutter as well for 87.00 and if you don’t have someone to help you, there are plenty of people who read Craig’s List who would eagerly would want a 40 or 50 dollar day to help put the clutter and junk in the bin for you.

If the bank or Realtor wants to sell their property they need to be proactive and give the home a new paint job, replace the fixtures and replace the landscaping and good things will happen. If money is tight, I understand. At least give the lawn a monthly trim and make your driveway presentable so it does not look like a sight for sore eyes in the neighborhood.

Out of fairness, on the next day the property owner or realtor of that house pictured actually did clean up that mess.

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