The Cure for Sacramento

Democratic Party state legislators got their priorities wrong in Sacramento. The state budget and job creation should be the ultimate priority instead of the distractions of plastic bag bans and boycotts of Arizona. While the Republican Party State Senate minority leader should get off his soapbox of banning marriage equality and get on-board on fixing the state’s budget crisis.

I would like representatives that actually are focused on the big issue that means most, the economy. I would like California to be a place where business owners want to set up shop in, not flee away from. We need fewer regulations that kill jobs in a state with one of the worst unemployment rates in the nation.

We need to promote private sector industry so they could provide the employment opportunities that will bring forth tax revenue for the public services the people in California rely upon such as education and law enforcement so we can afford to fund our budget. A true economic recovery does not exist with public sector jobs alone.

The people of our communities need to speak out to our representatives and tell them they want Senator Dutton’s private sector job creation package brought back and passed as soon as possible and no more distractions while we are late on another state budget.

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