Hypocrisy in action.

It is sad when Republicans have to move to the anti-equality side in order to get elected. However if you are replacing a Democratic candidate who leans liberal for the last forty years, equality should not have to be sacrificed. I could respect Maggie Gallagher of the National Organization of Marriage since she has more consistent policy views.

For Wisconsin’s 7th district, if I ever lived there I would be happy to support the Democratic Party candidate because Sean Duffy is an opportunistic fool who turns on a dime because he only wanted political support. When I ran for State Assembly 8 years ago, people told me to move to the direction the base wanted, but if that is incompatible with your principles you should stand with your principles.

It is ironic that someone stars in a movie supporting equality in marriage, ends up standing against the issue. However maybe Sean and his wife were doing it just to pay the law school bills.

H/T: Good As You

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