Meg Whitman–Labor Union advertisement in Spanish

She talks from both sides of her mouth.

Discussing what was talked about on the John and Ken show, the labor unions of California have decided to tell the Spanish language community that they are being played for as suckers due to Meg saying one thing to the English speakers and another to the Spanish speakers.

We are living in an instant news cycle where people can easily find out for themselves the real story instead of relying on political advertisements for their information. We have John and Ken with their 25 hours of week of broadcasting, there is one major lesson as reported in the Los Angeles Times as what one member of the duo stated "Don’t get into a fight with two guys who have 25 hours to fill each week."

Many of my friends and family members are disgusted by Meg Whitman and even though the idea of a third Jerry Brown term may make long time Californians sick, at least he is honest about his policies and we will not get a third term of Arnold Schwarzenegger where he had no consistent views.

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