Garage Sales Limited in the City of Ontario

I just received a notice that the city is going to restrict yard sales. Four weekends per year is sort of inflexible when you have people moving or having estate sales. With the economy still not as exceptional, people are still foreclosing from their homes.

I know the city wants to make sure people are not regularly doing garage sales day in and day out or regularly featuring new merchandise or items acquired for the purchase of resale. However there should be a procedure for emergency permits for garage sales for like $30.00. If you are moving to a new residence or you have a family member died where you need to do an estate sale it is not going to offer flexibility with the new policies. I think 1 emergency permit should be allowed per year to prevent the flexibility from being exploited.

The current schedule for yard sale weekends are the following:

August 6,7,8 2010

November 5,6,7 2010

February 4, 5,6 2011

May 6,7,8 2011

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