My Bad Day

It sucks when you get a customers jilted about my store’s return policy and you get a stray feral kitten trapped in your car’s motor all in the same day.

My father currently feels bad about the stray cats living around my neighborhood and started to feed them for the last year as a hobby, unfortunately a few litters have happened over the years and some of the kittens get into mischief such as getting in range of my dogs or climbing inside the motor of my sister’s truck.

On my way to work today we heard some odd sounds, my sister thought I was playing tricks on her, she said she’d punch me if I was actually making those sounds. Actually it was not me. It was white kitten, I guess the white kitten had an affinity for white stuff since my sister’s truck is white. My sister once saw it on her truck bed and was scared that it actually wanted to be there, and I guess it made its last and fateful journey up Mountain Avenue to its new journey in the city of Upland. My sister tried to get the kitten out of the truck, but it decided to jump down in the truck’s guts where it would be harder to extricate it.

I was worried the kitten was still in the truck, but hopefully it ran off to be left to its own devices. My father double check to see if the kitten was in the truck and it was most likely not there so that eased some of the worry from the three of us.

Then I have a simple frustration about customers without their receipts. Save your receipts. If the item is a clearance item we reserve the right to deny your return. If you do not have your receipt and its over ten or so bucks, then ask the manager if we could research your receipt if we can. Our electronic journals only go for the last three or four days. If its only three or four dollars, swallow your pride and relax. Going on a crusade will only eat up needless energy. I had an issue with an overcharge with a pizza place and I was tempted to get my credit card to do a chargeback for the two to four dollars in overcharging, and I was tempted to boycott Papa John’s for a long while, but I may not come back as often. However the customer who swore off my store will likely come back after several months.

I just find it annoying that I told my customer that you are going to get a voucher, and he keeps on insisting on me charging it back on his debit card when he lacked his receipt for a five dollar hole puncher. Unfortunately you can not win over all your customers when you strongly want to satisfy them all. It was the fault of myself and my customer to not get a manager on duty to help remedy or reinforce customer policy.

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