Responding to Robert Cruickshank

Robert wrote a diary on the site he is a regular diarist for at the Calitics blog reflecting about California’s unemployment rate. Here is my response to his diary.

I do not see anything about a vision for helping to create private sector jobs as well. I know firing public sector employees would cause more economic instability, but we need to learn how to create a business climate that would make private sector businesses want to take root in California or expand their existing businesses so we could get tax revenue to help keep those public sector employees employed.

It would be a great day for our state if we read in the news about 84 companies who moved to our state for business or expanded their operations here instead of the reverse.

There can be things we can do to help the economic recovery that does not require messing with overtime or lunch/break or worker protection regulations. Which is one thing I strongly disagree with Senator Dutton.

I do not expect us to spend the money we do not have. I do not want us to become Illinois. Maybe Proposition 1A would of been a good idea, protect our public services, and save money for the next rainy day. I thought we are not allowed to keep budget deficits compared to the federal government.

The cavalier attitudes of the Republican nominees in California and Nevada telling the unemployed let them eat cake is very counter productive. I have more respect for Reid than Sharon Angle even though both parties could of have nominated different people. We need to stand united where the public sector and the private sector should work together in building a stronger economy for our state. It will take shared sacrifice where both sides will have to lose something for the stability of our state.

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