Caught In Another Budget Bind

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Senator Dutton has written yet another eloquent column about why we should pass Republican Party budget solutions, but Democratic Party legislators want to do it their way no matter how many more Californians will become unemployed or how massive the state’s budget problems will become in future years.

Even though Republicans may have the winning issues on the state budget and law and order, our state is so gerrymandered where the Democratic Party will likely be able to pass their state budgets in a veto-resistant manner after the next two elections. The Democratic Party has State Senate District 12 and 15 in the cross hairs so they can be ready to pass budgets without Republican Party influence.

Unfortunately we will have to see California collapse before voters ever do consider the Republican Party as a viable choice, but even so there are many demographic groups who would rather vote for a dog instead of a Republican. Republicans are going to have to build a relationship with these demographic groups that Republicans used as wedge issues in order to adapt to the demographics of our state today.

Yes, it would be nice for California to live within its means. However we already maxed out our credit cards for us to do a Keynesian economic solution so we have to rely on the economic theories of Hayek. Maybe with a majority vote budget and Proposition 14 that already passed, Republicans would have to learn to develop mainstream candidates that could get elected in places such as Santa Clara, Glendale, Torrance and Ontario instead of having to rely on the fringe for popular support where they can comfortably sustain being in the perpetual minority.

I do not want California to end up like Illinois where they have gave up on paying their schools, medical providers and other agencies that rely upon state assistance. Unfortunately political power blinds both political parties where it is impossible for our legislators to come up with a solution because Republicans are zealots for no taxes at any cost and Democrats must feed the labor union beast. It is going to take sacrifice shared equally from both sides for a solution to happen.

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