DA Cooley Should Reconsider Prop 8 Defense

I supported DA Cooley in the Republican Primary due to him being attacked by the Traditional Values Collation and the National Organization for Marriage, but it seems likely I should have just voted for John Eastman instead if they were basically the same in theory.

I am thinking of my encouragement to DA Cooley to drop the idea of defending Proposition 8 as a budget cutting suggestion. California has a massive budget deficit, and it would be better to outsource the defense of Proposition 8 to the Alliance Defense Fund and the proponents of Proposition 8 who brought the ballot measure to the ballot since they are much wealthier than the state where they can get money from the Catholic Church and the Latter Day Saints.

And if the new Attorney General wants to strike a new tone in politics since he is known to be a bit more centrist than the base of his party, he could end up not defending or opposing the proposition since active opposition as a Republican would make him pelted by stones by Lou Sheldon and Brian Brown.

I do appreciate DA Cooley’s opposition against Proposition 8, but sometimes as a matter of principle if a law is unjust you have to stand aside.

Organizations such as Equality California PAC might be supporting DA Harris of San Francisco because she is 100% on the issues concerning LGBT equality, but honestly Kamala Harris is mediocre when it deals with issues that do not concern LGBT individuals such as her prosecutorial record. So in November if I do decide to support a major party candidate I am going to have to figure out what would have the greater good for the people of our state.

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