Munson on the Ballot: US Senate

Tom Campbell is my choice even though there are things I can seriously disagree with on all three of the nominees running this year. None of them are perfect individuals and they do have a sincere desire to make a difference for the people of our state.

California is a different state since Reagan left the White House in 1989, California is not as white as it used to be and we vote for Democrats most of the time now. Californians have not really taken kindly to anyone who is pro-life or opposes major Democratic or other progressive initiatives.

However I want to help elect someone who could reach out to dissatisfied Democrats and Decline to State voters who want a new direction for our state in a changing political climate.

If we want to get people to vote for a pro-life candidate we need to change the political climate, but I don’t expect the voters to easily turn on a dime to accomplish that feat. However if you want to help reduce abortions, we need to educate the youth.

Tom may be unorthodox, but maybe we do need someone who thinks outside the box to help us provide solutions to the problems we face in society such as health care, education and the budget deficit.

If Tom is the nominee he will need to reach out to the Israel supporters and the 2nd Amendment folk if he wants to make any headway so people do not end up abandoning him a second time.

I am afraid that people will sink Carly and Chuck much worse than Tom Campbell and that is why I am supporting Tom. I believe Tom is more electable.

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