Speak Out Against the Durbin Interchange Amendment

I understand that the Senate has recently passed an amendment to the
financial reform bill that will have a significant impact on how I use my
debit card.  I do not support this legislation, and I would like to
explain why.
I do not believe the federal government should decide how much it should
cost for stores to accept debit cards, especially if it will force banks
to raise the rates on these cards for customers like myself.  I also
disagree with the amendment because it will give retailers the ability to
set minimum and maximum payment amounts, and to discriminate between
cards, charging more for one than another.  I don’t want to be forced to
carry cash, just to avoid being stranded at the register if I can’t use my
card. I don’t want to have to carry several cards, just to avoid paying
more to use one versus another.
Please consider the unintended consequences that this legislation will
have on your constituents, and speak out against this amendment becoming
law before it is too late.  Thank you for considering my views.

Write to your local congress member and senators today!

Make sure retailers treat all cards fairly, for example a local clothing store with their own credit card may say there is no minimums for using their card, but might require a $100 minimum for using American Express if the Durbin Interchange Amendment gets passed.

Visit their website and communicate to your local elected officials.

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