Gender Norms and Youth

Listening to the Tim Conway Jr. show last night kind of annoyed me when he was discussing the 12 year old boy and his love for Lady Gaga. Tim was saying where was this boy’s father in raising this child because he was far from the norm for a typical 12 year old boy.

Where was this boy’s love of sports and all the traditional activities for a typical boy he was asking. However, I think it would be healthy for both aspects to be brought forth to the kid. Trying to remove the arts or his love of Lady Gaga would be destructive to him, just as much as removing sports from a young boy and replacing it with watching the musicals of the 1950’s and going to museums. I think a holistic approach would be more healthy so you get someone who has a balanced life no matter what direction a young person may lead.

However the most masculine of boys can end up gay and the most feminine of boys can end up straight so it is not as a reliable indicator of any sort. I know that I am not a trained sociologist, but listening to the segment on his show last night basically annoyed me.

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