Campbell or No Deal

Welcome to Campbell or No Deal. I am usually open to voting for the far right candidates at times, I voted for Richard Mountjoy in 2006 as an example. However the DeVore or No Deal movement is going to kill the enthusiasm for Republicans of the centrist and liberal perspective to consider voting for another DeVore or McClintock in a future election.

Here is the criteria, if Tom gets 10% less of the vote as compared to the Governor Nominee in November if Tom is our nominee and loses, but could of won if those missing voters supported him. Then we all vote a straight Libertarian Party ticket in 2012 from State Assembly to President.

If we all vote Libertarian in 2012, maybe it could show all the lost voters who left the Republican Party for an election.

Honestly, I will still vote for Carly or Chuck in the general election if Tom is not going to win the nomination. However I am going to be yelling SEE I TOLD YOU SO, if Boxer wins another term.

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