No More Lame Threats

Privately some of us did not vote straight ticket for various campaigns, but yes I am worried about the DeVore or No Deal movement. However if Campbell can run without the Conservative establishment and win, maybe we can change the party for the better.

This is a scary reminder of the 2000 Campbell campaign where people refused to vote for him and instead either voted for Feinstein or third party. Where we saw less people voting for Campbell 3,886,853 as compared to Bush 4,567,429 in the 2000 election. Voting for Boxer would be like cutting your nose off for no apparent reason.

Working the San Bernardino County Republican Party GOTV effort in 2000, I even had people say I refuse to carry any of the flyers because Tom is pro-choice and not toeing the line of the NRA. And the executive director sent all his fliers to the recyclers because most of the volunteers were far of the right wing of him.

I bet social liberal/fiscal conservatives in our party could play the same game too and that would be rather counterproductive. I wish we could learn how to hold our noses and just simply vote for the individuals. I may have not liked John McCain and Sarah Palin’s positions on LGBT equality, but I knew President Obama’s vision for America would be way more dangerous for our nation.

Just as how Assemblyman DeVore said he would do his best if Tom Campbell or Carly Fiorina became our nominee for U.S Senate, I will do the same if Chuck or Carly will be our nominee. However if I see the same situation happen in 2010 to Tom, I will likely just vote a straight Libertarian Party ticket in 2012 whenever possible (as long as Proposition 14 does not pass).

We are in a two party system, and we have to learn how to make sacrifices whenever possible. No party will be exactly perfect to an individual’s beliefs. Ask the pro-life big government Latino, or the pro-gay rights limited government homocon on how tough their voting choice can be.

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