Munson for Ron Wall for District 4

This election I encourage the voters of the 4th Supervisorial District of San Bernardino County to vote for Ron Wall for Supervisor. If you are tired of the status quo of incumbent Gary Ovitt, Ron Wall will be a refreshing choice to be your representative. Ron’s platform is very simple, bring forth ethnics reform, create an ethics commission and introduce campaign finance limits so campaigns would not be bought off by the usual developers in our county.

The residents of the fourth district need someone who is not part of the establishment in county politics so we can get someone who is not part of the system. We do need to throw the bums out so we can finally clean out San Bernardino County and make it better for the people. We need to bring forth integrity back to the Board of Supervisors so we can have a government we can be proud of.

For the last decade San Bernardino County has been caught in scandal after scandal and Supervisor Ovitt and his staff has been part of many controversies that have plagued our county such as the Colonies Land Deal and the quid pro quo deals with Political Action Committees as payback for helping to make the deal happen. It is ironic that a mild mannered school teacher and mayor of a city can be corrupted by the system when he is handed with so much power.

Republican or Democratic or Independent we should demand better representation in the Fourth District. Just because someone is from my political party does not mean they are an effective representative of the people. Even though Supervisor Ovitt’s opponents are both Democrats does not mean we should vote for the Republican just because he is Republican. Even if Ron does not win, Supervisor Ovitt will learn that he needs to be a representative of the people, not just the wealthy few and will need to seriously clean up the county government else he will be defeated in 2014.

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