The Trouble with Coupons

Coupons of any type are more of a problem than they are worth at the chain store I work at. Customers naturally do want to use all the coupons they have in their hand, and they get annoyed, disappointed or enraged that I tell them that the limit is 1 coupon of each coupon type.

If I get “Soup Nazi” on the customers and do not let them use more than 1 coupon then I am going to get an enraged customer who will want to talk to the manager or threaten to not come to our store. I do try to be accommodating because I know customers will shop other companies instead of ours and I do want to improve on customer satisfaction so I occasionally let the second coupon in a separate transaction go through. And I do not want to hold up the lines just because of an enraged customer then get more enraged customers because the line is held up.

I do tell my customers who end up having more coupons that print from the receipt, I do understand you want to use the coupons you are possessing, but my company is going strict on the coupon rules and sooner or later they will discipline employees who stray from policy. If you want to use two or three coupons, bring your family or friends to shop for the items you want to buy and go from there, or buy something before work then after work. It is your choice and your call.

Bounce back coupons are a pain, and they should be curtailed. I know we want to encourage customers to come to our store. However there should be a system that would be harder from being abused. Such as making a rewards card at a “Starter Level” where you can get 1 coupon or offer per day, and after you use up your coupon the rewards card is dead until the next day, so this would prevent customers from holding 3 or 4 coupons and expecting them to use them on the same day. Also this would prevent dissatisfied customers who wanted to use last week’s coupon because they forgot to come the previous week as well. Also this rewards system I am suggesting would be perfect for the people who do not own computers who cannot print out the coupons we send out via e-mail.

I know all of us want a good deal in this challenging economy, but it’s unfortunate in retail you are faced with a darned with you do, darned with you don’t situation.

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