A letter to the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin about local bus service is going to be published in the next few days.

Our local transit agencies are suffering due to the economy where sales tax revenue and general revenue from local and state government is becoming non-existent. Reading the Daily Bulletin about how Foothill Transit and Omnitrans are going to cut service does strike fear in the individuals dependent on the services these organizations provide to help people get to work, shop or do other activities important to them.

I thought our eco-friendly Governor and state legislature care deeply about the environment where they do not want riders to end up giving up the bus system and clogging our local streets and highways with their cars and trucks.

If you want to help keep your routes alive, the general public will need to be encouraged to patronize their favorite routes so they can be kept for another day. If you do not ride it, they will not provide it.

When it is officially published I will provide a link to the letter.

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