There Is No Need For a Focus Group

Recently I got asked to participate in a focus group about local issues. I had an inclination that this was the same organization that was used to help poll a subset of local residents in my city about 10 years ago. Unfortunately I got asked to not attend by the sponsor of the focus group and I would like to communicate a message to the sponsor so they could save their money and understand the reality that is going on.

I know that these focus groups that were going to happen on Thursday at a leading Ontario, California hotel were connected to a political figure in my city since I knew Supervisor Ovitt was mayor and city councilman and I decided to put two and two together and presume that this focus group was sponsored by the supervisor.

Even though I am not a supporter of the Supervisor I know that he needs a balanced opinion panel and it would be very helpful to him to understand why that there are two candidates challenging him in June Ron Wall and Richard Galvez. Supervisor Ovitt may have a fighting chance in 2010, but in 2014 unless he fixes the political culture it is likely State Senator Gloria Negrette Mcleod will defeat Supervisor Ovitt.

Since I was yanked at the last minute I am deciding to air my views public so people can understand the views that are making people want to vote against all the incumbents in San Bernardino County.

We have a district attorney who is alleged to use his office as a dating service where he allegedly cheats on the women in his department. We have people at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center allegedly getting intimate with patients, falsifying records and other unsavory deeds where the establishment does not want to rock the boat and clean out the system.

We want a government we can be proud of. That is what I am asking for. Even if I have to vote Richard Galvez or Ronald Wall for Supervisor, that is the choice I will make so we can have a county we can be proud of and end the culture of corruption that has infested us since the mid 90s.

Originally posted via my myspace page, but since myspace might shut down I reposted this blog entry for historical purposes.

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