Who Are They?

Looking at the candidate filing status reports from the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters makes me puzzled at some of the people who put their hat in the ring for the June Primary.  Who are these individuals?

For one, I am glad Supervisor Ovitt has a challenger. However it took me a bit of detective work to figure out who is Ronald Wall. Ronald Wall is a Democratic Party activist, but what is Ronald Wall also good for?  I know that San Bernardino County needs to be cleaned up, but how will Ronald Wall clean up San Bernardino County government and represent the fourth district effectively?

In the 32nd State Senate District, the Republican Party has an announced challenger and he is yet another dark horse candidate. Who is Michael T. Bryant from Ontario, California? He used to have his email address listed, but it was taken down when I tried to ask about his candidacy.  I don’t want to end up knocking on his doorstep asking for details about his campaign since he did not leave a phone number, web site or e-mail address.

It would be appreciated for future canidates to have at least a public address even from a place such as hotmail or yahoo so people could offer their support or ask a few questions so they would be informed voters.

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