How to Solve the Wal-Mart Debate in Ontario, California

I would like to come up with solutions to solve the Wal-Mart versus residents’ fight that is happening in North Western Ontario. It may not be the Israelis versus the Palestinians but it surely feels that way.

One, it is going to take sacrifices from both sides. Wal-Mart may have to give up the idea of a 24/7 supercenter and consider having the same hours as the one in Upland.

Two, Wal-Mart can use green technology to help build positive public relations such as having the store being able to power its own energy and being energy efficient.

Three, the abandoned lot needs to be demolished. It is creating decreased property values. Maybe give the property owner a permit to do the demolition in the next few months, and if Wal-Mart refuses, use the redevelopment agency’s money to pay for it and put a lien on it. It’s like code enforcement going after a residential property owner for bad landscaping.

Four, many of the property owners are worried about “the underclass” such as the homeless hanging around the new shopping center. Maybe team up with Upland who has the same problem so we could make shopping up and down the 10 freeway overpass a good one.

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