There Must Be Some Suspicion

When a neighbor gets robbed you become more suspicious about strange cars parked near your home. The strange car ended up being an investigator at the local animal control agency.

The irony is the individual is parked at the same corner for three straight days which raised the suspicion from me and my neighbor across the street.  Talking to animal control dispatcher did not really do anything to mediate the situation. The individual is there to do his job and that is understandable and he has the right to park where he needs to park.

However if you were a loss prevention investigator/detective or a license inspector like the guy from animal control would you do your best to make sure you are inconspicuous? You would not wear a uniform saying you are from the ABC Department Store. Would you park in the same corner on day 1, day 2 and day 3?. I would not.

At least by knowing this individual was in the vicinity my sister got her dog license taken care of online.

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