Infraction Your Way to Unemployment

The company I work for decided to have a system to make it where if you show up to work late or stay beyond your shift you get an infraction. However in the last six months people have been dismissed due to this new system and many of my co-workers are worried that it is basically a silent purge that is meant to clear out the employees for newer and low paid ones.

I do have some severe concerns where what happens if you have the flu, should you simply just show up because you do not want to get the infraction point where if you call out sick you get 1 point out of 6 towards unemployment?

The 1 point should be waived if you honestly went to a doctor and got a note saying yes, this employee has the flu and has an excuse to miss work. Would it be fun to see your store have no employees because all of them got the flu because the employee is having the living fear that if he or she missed work they would get dismissed and they all have the flu now?

Presenteeism is not good either. If you are honestly sick you should stay home. There should be a state law to protect employees from dismissal if they are honestly sick to do their job.

Yes, I know I should be looking for a new job, but right now there is nothing good for my industry or skill set and I am stuck where I am at.

Also, what happens if on your normal commute to work there is a car accident and you can not exit the highway or road due to congestion due to the accident, you are screwed with the 1 point penalty for being late. If you have a legitimate alibi such as the local police or highway patrol you should be excused from the late  penalty. Acts of god should not give you unemployment.

Anyways, to remain on the job we had to sign the document acknowledging the change in policy. It was like having a gun to your head saying if you did not sign the document you would be basically fired. However policies should be modified and employees should have an easier way of knowing how many infraction points they have accumulated so they would know to be on time and to come to work sick with the flu.

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