Big Government With Assemblywoman Torres


Unlike this video that I linked from the IT CROWD, in America the emergency number is still 911. Assemblywoman Torres thinks her constituents are stupid where they do not know how to dial 911. 911 is simple no matter if you speak English, Spanish or Chinese. If the emergency services were changed to 0118 999 881 999 119 725…3? then the Assemblywoman would definitely have a bill worth supporting.

Norma needs to get to approving bills proposed by Senator Dutton that create private sector jobs that generate the revenue that create the public sector jobs before creating nonsense legislation like this. The priority for the legislature is fix the economy first and worry about pet projects later.

Thank you Ray Moors of Chino for letting us know about this absurd piece of legislation in his letter in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin.  The bill is AB 424 and hopefully Governor Schwarzenegger will veto this.

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