2010 A New Direction

Over at Pam’s House Blend they are discussing how 2010 may be fatal for the LGBT community and their fellow progressive allies because the Republican Party is most likely going to get the majority in both houses of congress. It is understandable that there is some fear in the possibility that President Obama miscalculated his mandate to the American People and that the American People did not realize that Obama was one of the most left winged presidents in American history.

However Republicans will need to tread carefully in 2010 and not go overboard like the Democratic Party has in their four years of power in congress. The American voter is not afraid to make a correction and go back to the Democratic Party if the Republicans spend worse than President Obama and decide to submit to the theocratic branch of the conservative movement with upcoming legislation.

The middle is where its at in politics. I hope we can change the status quo in 2010 and I hope my individual rights and liberties do not get infringed with the change of leadership in congress.

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