We Deserve Better

Ontario residents deserve better. We do deserve representatives that do not have the perception of being bought by outside interests such as Councilman Wapner, just because we do not have the thousands of dollars to stuff in their campaign accounts does not mean that we should be ignored.

Our city does deserve growth and opportunity, but at what price should this growth and opportunity provide for our city? It is not about NIMBYism, it is about being pragmatic to business and our residents which make our city work. Since the advent of Proposition 13 we are reliant on sales tax revenue to fund our local government, we should learn to work with the concerns of the residents so businesses would be able to navigate the hoops of public relations.

It has been almost a decade since Target, Toys R’Us and Food 4 Less left the parcel on Fifth and Mountain and if Wal-Mart wants to stop being an absentee landlord they need to negotiate with the residents and clean the blight they purchased.

Unlike the Chino Spectrum, this planned Super Center is near a residential district. Wal-Mart needs to make concessions in order for their project to happen. If concessions such as forgoing the 24/7 nature of the operation can not happen, then Wal-Mart needs to sell off the property so we can find a tenant that would fit well with the neighborhood.

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