Tactless Universities and Alumni

Face it the economy is in trouble and public universities are struggling hard. Alumni associations are trying their best to help support their schools with scholarships and supplemental funding.

My sister has over 20 thousand in school debt with a good amount of personal debt and she is still trying to find a decent job to pay off her debts from school and the alumni association is asking her for a 100.00 donation.

Just because someone graduates from a school means that they produced someone who is raking in the bank. There are case examples such as the part time retail worker with a BA in social sciences or a BA in art, the MA in education struggling to find a job as an educator due to the cut backs.

Maybe if the schools want to improve the donations from their alumni they need to offer better career guidance services even if the students do not actively seek it out. Maybe require a 1 unit course to be completed by the end of the student’s junior year to explore how will the student find a career that is related to their field of study.

I do not believe in being a miser even though I am not making much money. I carry my alumni’s association affinity debit card. At least I know a buck or two is given to the school and I am at least doing something.

Maybe if my sister’s school joined up with Bank of America for their debit cards, she could at least do her part despite the tough times many of us are facing right now.

I do not envy the students who get hired to do cold calls to boost the funding of the schools we have attended, but the administrators should figure out how to boost funds without having to harass the underemployed who are suffering just as bad.

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