Mending Proposition 215

Proposition 215 was anarchy in the state of California when it dealt with marijuana for medical purposes. Californians are a compassionate bunch, but it seems like we are taken in for a ride.

Cities are making it harder for new dispensaries to be established and making it harder for dispensaries to continue to be in business even though California law makes it legal for these businesses to be in business and the federal government is taking a restrained focus on this issue.

Problem is these businesses are operating in a grey area due to federal law, but they do serve an important  purpose for many ill people suffering from cancer, aids and other ailments. People do not want these businesses near schools, residential districts and they should be spaced out from each other so there would not be cannibalizing from each other. The opponents of proposition 215 believe that crime and other negative externalities would happen if we are permissive about allowing dispensaries in our neighborhoods, but with more checks and balances this would reduce.

There is a problem where district attorneys and other opponents believe according to law you should not be allowed to sell pot, but when you have an establishment you need to cover your expenses. There should be a reasonable cost that the establishment could ask for each client and no more than that amount to make sure people are not exploiting or trying to offer the marijuana as a pure business operation.

Compassionate use of marijuana should not be given to people just because their stomachs are upset or just because someone has a headache. There should be a strict list of medical conditions that would be eligible for the drug to cut down on the fraud and abuse. If medication that people are taking is honestly cutting down a patient’s appetite, then they should legitimately have the drug so they can have the munchies.

I know NORML or the police unions would not be happy with my ideas, but there should be a middle ground in repairing Proposition 215.

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